Message from the Director

By the time I became Director of the RIKEN Center of Developmental Biology (CDB) in 2015, it was already a well-known and well-respected research institute both in Japan and at the international level. Since its establishment in 2000, the CDB has made fundamental contributions in the fields of development, regeneration and regenerative medicine, and going forward I look to build on this record of scientific excellence. As we enter a new era, the Center’s twofold mission continues to focus on gaining a better understanding of how bodies are formed during development, and the related question of how bodies can be repaired through regenerative processes, which has promising applications in regenerative medicine.
The Center offers wonderful opportunities for young scientists to make new discoveries and develop their careers, with ample space, mentorship, and support services, and world-class equipment and facilities. Collaboration between labs is the norm at the CDB, and our employment policies are aimed at enhancing career security and development for early-career scientists. Our research staff is also quite diverse, with 10% of our scientists coming from other countries, and a nearly equal male-female ratio in postdoctoral researchers and technical positions. At the CDB, all scientific talks are held in English, and our annual symposium is recognized as a truly global forum for discussing the latest advances and trends in the field.
Our location in the city of Kobe is also a highlight of working at the CDB, both for the scientific and R&D opportunities it affords, and for the excellent living environment and access to cultural and natural attractions. The Center is situated at the heart of a thriving biomedical research complex, with over 300 research institutions, medical centers, and industry firms, giving CDB scientists a wide range of opportunities to contribute to translational and other collaborative research initiatives. After work, Kobe also an excellent quality of living at the heart of the Kansai region, with easy access to both mountain trails and fresh seafood, and short trips to famous sites in Kyoto, Osaka and the Inland Sea.
It is my great pleasure to welcome scientists from around the world to join us at the CDB in learning, exploring, and making new discoveries.
Hiroshi Hamada
RIKEN Center for Developmental Biology