Help Desk Coordinator

Thinking about relocating to a new country can be an exciting, but sometimes stressful, decision. The RIKEN Center for Developmental Biology makes every effort to assist scientists who are considering coming to work at the CDB here in Kobe through a range of personalized international support services. Special attention is given to the transitional phase, from the time you reach an agreement to come and work in one of the CDB’s labs to the first few weeks after arrival, as you settle into your new home. Of course, support is provided on demand to all international staff, and the Center’s bilingual research environment means that all lab discussions and administrative communications can be conducted in English.
Naoko Yamaguchi(, the help desk coordinator at RIKEN Kobe Branch, is the first and, in many ways, most important point of contact for the Center’s non-Japanese staff. With years of experience assisting people with their transition and acclimatization to Japan, Naoko can provide help with everything from apartment-hunting, to visa applications, to locating the best daycare for young children. Completely bilingual and extensively knowledgable about all the best that life in Kobe has to offer, the help desk takes the worry out of the decision-making process for scientists coming to Japan from abroad.