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Positions for Research Scientists in Organogenesis and Neurogenesis Group
Organogenesis and Neurogenesis Group (Group Director: Yoshiki Sasai)

This group aims at understanding the molecular and celluar bases of organ formation including the brain. Tissues and organs do not form by simply culturing stem cells, but require complex arrangements at the levels of genes, cells and tissues for their formation. Our group focuses particularly on molecular control of differentiation induction, molecular mechanisms of tissue interaction and organ formation. Complex organs such as brain are composed of a number of different cells and are generated through complicated cell-cell and tissue-tissue interactions. We plan to identify regulatory factors involved in these processes and clarify the pathways leading to the formation of tissues and organs. Also, based on the understanding of the molecular and cellular mechanisms, we attempt to reconstitute tissues and organs in vitro as well as in the host animals. These projects will establish scientific bases for cell therapy, in vitro tissue engineering and organ replacement of the next generation.

Mandatory membership in the RIKEN Mutual Benefit Society (RIKEN Kyosaikai).

Contact: Yoshiki Sasai
Laboratory for Organogenesis and Neurogenesis
Center for Developmental Biology,RIKEN

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