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Guojun Sheng to head lab for early embryogenesis
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July 7, 2004 - Guojun Sheng has been appointed to head the Laboratory for Early Embryogenesis, beginning in September 2004. The new laboratory will study the molecular and cellular mechanisms of embryonic patterning and cell fate specification. Dr Sheng is interested in understanding how signaling molecules can affect cellular behavior (morphology, migration and cell-cell interaction) during initial germ layer patterning, and how they can act together with local molecular cues in specifying cell fates. His research will focus on two aspects of early vertebrate development: the initial patterning of neural ectoderm and mesoderm, and the differentiation of posterior mesodermal precursors into haematopoietic and angiogenic cell lineages. The new laboratory will combine classic embryology, molecular manipulation and advanced imaging techniques with chick as its main model organism, complemented by genetic analysis using mouse models. Dr Sheng joins the CDB from the Department of Anatomy and Developmental Biology at University College London.


His recent publications include:


Sheng et. al., Cell 115:603-13 (2003)

Sheng et. al., Mech. Dev. 87:213-6 (1999)

Sheng et. al., Genes Dev. 11:1122-31 (1997)

Sheng et. al., Biol Chem. 378:863-72 (1997)

Papatsenko et. al., Development 124:1665-73 (1997)



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