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Interview with CDB Director, Masatoshi Takeichi
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September 13, 2004 - A biographical interview with Masatoshi Takeichi, Director of the RIKEN Kobe Institute and Center for Developmental Biology (RIKEN CDB; Kobe, Japan), and head of the Laboratory for Cell Recognition and Tissue Patterning, is featured in the International Journal of Developmental Biology special issue, " Invasion in Cancer & Embryonic Development " published earlier this month. The issue focuses on certain migratory behaviors of cells in physiological and pathological processes, behaviors which rely in large part on the function of adhesion molecules.

The editors of the issue recognize Dr. Takeichi for his identification and characterization of the cadherin family of molecules, which they write "provides a striking example of the relationship between embryonic development and cancer invasion."

The full text of the 10-page interview with Dr. Takeichi is available free of charge at http://www.ijdb.ehu.es/ijdb200448056/ft387.pdf through an open access publishing agreement with IJDB.

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