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Cellular Development: Biology at the Interface
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October 8, 2011 –The RIKEN Center for Developmental Biology co-organized and hosted an international meeting “Cellular Development: Biology at the Interface” from September 29 to October 1 to commemorate the tenth anniversary of the publication of Developmental Cell, in cooperation with Cell Press, and Fondation Ipsen, with support from the Days of Molecular Medicine Global Foundation. The meeting focused on a range of topics from the intersections of cell and developmental biology, from cellular mechanisms in developmental pathways, through regulatory processes underlying patterning, to regulation at the genomic level.

The three-day program was developed to stimulate interaction between scientists and foster interactions to help guide future progress, and was organized as the fifth in the Exciting Biologies series of meetings, which focus on topics that highlight the intersection between disciplines. More than 130 researchers from 16 countries joined the lively and informative sessions.


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