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Masayo Takahashi M.D., Ph.D.


Masayo Takahashi received her M. D. from Kyoto University in 1986, and her Ph. D. from the same institution in 1992. After serving as assistant professor in the Department of Ophthalmology, Kyoto University Hospital, she moved to the Salk Institute in 1996, where she discovered the potential of stem cells as a tool for retinal therapy. She came back to Kyoto University Hospital in 1998, and since 2001 served as an associate professor at the Translational Research Center in the Kyoto University Hospital. She joined in the CDB as a team leader of the retinal regeneration research team in 2006. Her clinical specialty is retinal disease, macular diseases and retinal hereditary diseases in particular. Her aim is to understand these diseases at a fundamental level and develop retinal regeneration therapies.