In April 2014, we’ve moved to RIKEN, the institute of Physical and Chemical Research, from the Tokyo University of Science. We are grateful for your 13-years support to research and development in the Tokyo University of Science. RIKEN is the largest research institute in Japan for a diverse range of scientific disciplines such as physics, engineering, chemistry, biology, and medical science. It was established as a private foundation, the RIKAGAKU-KOGYO Co. Ltd. by Eiichi Shibusawa, et al. It was also called as “RIKEN Konzern” because it founded a number of manufacturing companies, and has made a substantial contribution to the development of Japan’s science and industry. Society has become globalized and its industrial structure has been changed. The global role of Japan is being examined again. By developing science and technology research, we drive our future, human happiness, and our international contributions in the 21st century to produce the technology and industry needed by the next generation.

Our philosophy is technological development that leads to the creation of innovative medical treatment. In life sciences research, the development of organ replacement regenerative therapy and the development of high value-added biopharmaceuticals are key research topics. To promote these studies, we established Organ Technologies, Inc. has collaborated with them. We aim at more effective research and development by combining fundamental scientific study in RIKEN with industry-based research and development that may contribute to the betterment of society.

The baseline technical development for these projects has high value not only as fundamental scientific study, but also as an important task at the national policy level because it is expected to provide significant economic impact through advancements in novel intellectual property and new business for fundamental technology associated with innovative medical treatment. With these projects, we will open opportunities for a better future.

November 2014

Takashi TsujiTakashi Tsuji
Team Leader
Laboratory for Organ Regeneration,
RIKEN Center for Developmental Biology

Tokyo University of Science, Research Institute for Science & Technology, Professor Takashi Tsuji