Our philosophy is to contribute to science, to society, and to human resources development. This management philosophy expresses our attitude toward education through research at universities and toward research activities of our laboratory as a member of society.

Contribution to science

We will produce results for academically valuable research, thus contributing to the deepening knowledge of mankind.
  • To develop a new field through basic research in life science, especially in the areas of regenerative medicine, glycobiology, and cell biology.
  • To confront new challenges and pursue innovative technological development.
  • To present information on research results, thus contributing to advancements in science.

Contribution to society

We will pursue research that will be useful to society and contribute to people’s health and welfare.
  • To promote research & development that meets society's needs.
  • To utilize the results achieved through research for new technologies and drug development that will be useful to society.
  • To promote innovative technological development for diseases that have not been treated satisfactorily by conventional medicine.
  • To open up new industries and, in doing so, benefit society.

Contribution to human resources development

We will promote human resources development, enabling each individual to grow.
  • To foster the spirit of independence and autonomy as well as a high sense of ethics.
  • To cultivate goal-achieving problem solving and creativity development abilities through research activities.
  • To develop unique and irreplaceable human resources.
  • To pursue human resources development to enable personnel to acquire sociality through joint research activities with private businesses.
Our philosophy and the reason for existence