Research Project



Studying next generation regenerative therapies, it is expected to develop the fundamental technology for organ replacement regenerative therapy, that is, replacement of disordered or damaged organs with bioengineered organs produced ex vivo. In vivo, fetal organs develop from epithelial mesenchymal interaction-induced organ germs and develop into various highly organized functional cells including the nervous system, blood vessels, and others. Given biological systems and the engineering technology for organogenesis, we were the first in the world to develop a method to reconstruct the organ germs via cell manipulation of single cells (Nature Methods, 2007). Based on this technology, this project was launched to promote the research and development of organ replacement regenerative therapy, supported by Organ Technologies, Inc. (representative director, Kenji Hanazawa).

The foundational technologies in organ regenerative therapy have high value not only in fundamental scientific study, but also significance in national policy development because they are expected to provide significant economic impact through the production of basic technological and intellectual properties associated with regenerative therapy and the cultivation of this new industry. In concert with private enterprises, this project aims to realize the new medical system for the 21st century by promoting the development of the basic technology for organ replacement regenerative therapy as a next generation regenerative therapy.