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Hironobu Fujiwara, Ph.D. (Laboratory head)
藤原 裕展

Hironobu Fujiwara obtained his PhD in 2003 from Osaka University under the supervision of Professor Kiyotoshi Sekiguchi. At that time, he worked on the purification and characterization of human laminin-8 extracellular matrix protein. He then obtained a postdoctoral position in Kiyotoshi Sekiguchi's lab (Osaka University/JST ERATO project: 2003–2007) studying the role of the basement membrane in mouse embryoid body development and gastrulation. In 2007, he moved to work as a postdoctoral fellow in Fiona Watt's lab (Cancer Research UK Cambridge: 2007-2012) where he discovered that the basement membrane of hair follicle stem cells functions as a muscle cell niche. He was appointed to a Team Leader (Lab Head) at the RIKEN Center for Developmental Biology (CDB) in October 2012. He is also a CREST researcher (PI) of the Japanese Science and Technology Agency (JST) in the strategic research area "multicellular interaction" (2019–2025). He also holds a concurrent post as Adjunct Professor at the Graduate School of Medicine of Osaka University, Adjunct Associate Professor at the Graduate School of Life Science of Hyogo University and Graduate School of Science and Technology of Kwansei Gakuin University.

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Kyungmin Ahn, Ph.D. (Postdoc)
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Ritsuko Morita, Ph.D. (Postdoc)
森田 梨津子
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Ko Tsutsui, Ph.D. (Technical scientist)
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Noriko Ban-Sanzen (Technical staff)
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Asako Nakagawa (Technical staff)
中川 麻子
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Hiroki Machida (Ph.D. student)
待田 大輝
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Duligengaowa Wuergezhen (Ph.D. student)
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Yuichiro Hirano (Master's student)
平野 裕一朗
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Jun Yokota (Visiting scientist)
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Weiwen Liu (Visiting Ph.D. Student)
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Past lab members
Michiko Shono (Visiting scientist: 2017-2019)
Takuya Okawara (Graduate student: 2016-2018)
Eleonore M. Gindroz (Visiting student: 2018)
Kei Hashimoto (Visiting student: 2016)
Natsumi Saito, Ph.D. (Visiting scientist: 2015-2016)
Norio Uematsu, Ph.D. (Visiting scientist: 2014-2016)
Sakura S. Nussbaum (Visiting student: 2016)
Eloi Franco Trepat (Visiting student: 2014)
Chun-Chun Cheng, Ph.D. (Post-doc: 2013-2014)