Invited Speakers

Alistair Forrest (RIKEN Center for Life Science Technologies, Japan)
A Single Molecule Sequencing Expression Atlas

Peter Heger (University of Cologne, Germany)
The Chromatin Insulator CTCF and the Emergence of Metazoan Diversity

Philipp Khaitovich (CAS-MPS Partner Institute for Computational Biology, China)
Molecular Features of Human Evolution

Claudia Kutter (University of Cambridge - Cancer Research, UK)
High Conservation of Amino Acid Isotypes Despite Divergence of tRNA Gene Usage in Mammalian Genomes

Toutai Mituyama (National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, Japan)
Bisulfighter: Accurate Detection of Methylated Cytosines and Differentially-Methylated Regions

Anton Nekrutenko (The Galaxy Team; Penn State University)
Next-generation Sequencing Data Interpretation: Enhancing Reproducibility and Accessibility

Atsushi Ogura (The University of Tokushima, Japan)

Jeramiah J. Smith (University of Kentucky, USA)
Lessons from the Lamprey Genome

*We encourage submission of poster abstracts. A small number of poster abstracts also will be selected by the organizing committee for oral presentations.