Origin and Development of the Vertebrate Traits

Speaker Profiles
Per E. Ahlberg
Marianne Bronner-Fraser
Scott E. Fraser
Philip Ingham
Patrick Lemaire
Nori Satoh
Christine Thisse
Sayuri Yonei / Koji Tamura
Shin Aizawa
Ann Burke
James Hanken
Shigeru Kuratani
Yasunori Murakami
Rich Schneider
Cheryll Tickle
H. Joseph Yost
Clare V. H. Baker
Michael J. Depew
Peter Holland
Thurston Lacalli
Filippo Rijli
Yoshiko Takahashi
Hiroshi Wada
Cheryll Tickle  
Cheryll Tickle received her BA in Natural Sciences in 1967 and her Ph D from Glasgow University in 1970. After postdoctoral work at Yale University, she returned to the UK in 1972 to work with Professor Lewis Wolpert at the Middlesex Hospital Medical School, which later merged with UCL, and was a lecturer, reader and finally a Professor. In 1998, she moved to the University of Dundee and in 2000 became a Foulerton Professor of the Royal Society. Her long-standing interest is in how limbs develop. Her lab investigates a wide range of questions including how limbs form in proper places in the embryo, how the pattern of limb structures is mapped out and how this plan is then translated into anatomy. In addition to defining the embryology and the molecules that are required to make a limb in model vertebrates, in particular chick embryos, she is also interested in applying this knowledge to questions about how vertebrate limbs originated and the basis for morphological diversity of limbs. Cheryll Tickle