13:00 -Registration
13:30 -Opening Remarks
Shigeru Kuratani
Part 1: Origin of Gnatostomes
Chair: Zhe-Xi Luo
13:40 -Development of the hagfish and origin of the gnathostome head
Shigeru Kuratani (RIKEN Evolutionary Morphology Laboratory, Japan)
14:10 -Cranial geometry and development at the origin of gnathostomes: why are osteostracans so strange?
Per Ahlberg (Uppsala University, Sweden)
14:40 - Jaw shaping of early gnathostomes as evidenced from the fossil record
Min Zhu (Institute of Vertebrate Paleontology and Paleoanthropology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China)
15:10 -Just before the rise of jaws : the stem gnathostome conundrum
Philippe Janvier (Muséum National d’Histoire Naturelle, France)
15:40 -Coffee Break
Part 2: Tetrapod Diversity
Chair: Shigeru Kuratani
16:10 - Mode in Evolution of Tetrapod Musculoskeletal Systems: A Case Study of an Evolutionary Breakthrough, the Diaphragm
Tatsuya Hirasawa (RIKEN Evolutionary Morphology Laboratory, Japan)
16:40 - A Review of Phylogeny and Diversification of Major Amniote Clades, with an Emphasis on Fossil Forms
Takanobu Tsuihiji (The University of Tokyo, Japan)
17:10 -Diversification of Early Mammals In the Light of Developmental Morphogenesis
Zhe-Xi Luo (The University of Chicago, USA)
17:40 -Closing Remarks
Philippe Janvier
17:50 -Reception
Fee: 5,000yen
*Reception fee will be collected on the event day by cash.