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Young scientists are encouraged to send in scientific images and movies for on-site contest.


In this symposium, we will not be holding a conventional poster session. Instead, we will be accepting submissions of digital data (images or movies). Digital data can include a wide range of biological perspectives, and also cross-disciplinary themes that combine biology with other fields such as physics, optics and systems biology.

The images and movies to be submitted should have one the following features:
- Scientific impact
- Visual impact
- Artistic impact (Artistic manipulation of the data is permitted, provided that the authors disclose what was done in the legend)

The submitted images and movies will be voted on and awarded for each of the categories above during the symposium.


Submission deadline: Friday, June 24, 2011

Guidelines for organizing and preparing data

Images: Acceptable file formats are EPS or TIFF with at least 300 dpi resolution. PowerPoint files will not be accepted. One person may submit up to 5 images.

Movie: Acceptable file formats are QuickTime (.mov) and AVI (.avi) files. Movie contents can be timelapse videos showing life processes, or a video digest of your research containing data and an explanation. Data can also include narration and sound. File size should be no larger than 2 GB, and the running time should be no longer than 1 min.

The following information must be provided with the data as a text file in Word, RTF, or TXT format (up to 400 characters):

- Author name(s) and affiliation
- Title and legend/description of image or movie


To submit your data, select “yes” under Data or Movie Submission when registering online or send an e-mail to cdb-qbic2011@cdb.riken.jp. The secretariat will then send you the link and password of the site to upload your data.

Data Presentation during the Symposium

Submitted data will be shown on a screen during the symposium. Those nominated for an award will be requested to make a 5-minute oral presentation on their submission before the mixer on June 30.


Vote ballots will be collected until noon on July 1, and the winner will be announced in the afternoon.

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