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Since the devastating earthquake struck the Tohoku area of Japan, people are starting to take small steps to get their lives back to normal. We realize that there still remain concerns about the Fukushima nuclear power plant, but Kobe, where the meeting will be held, is about 600 km away from Fukushima, and we will continue to monitor the events that follow. Please check the Japan National Tourism Organization link for additional updates.


General Inforamtion of Japan

Information about climate, money, healthcare, etc. is available here (pdf).

About Kobe

The city of Kobe is located in the Western part of Japan in a unique setting between the Rokko Mountains and the Inland Sea.

The city's port has historically played an importat role in opening Japan up to international influence and the city retains a cosmopolitan and sophisticated air to this day. In addition to a bustling Chinatown and the more relaxed historical foreign settlement, there are a number of famous hot springs to the north of the city.

Japan's renowned public transport system also means that Kobe is within easy reach to the ancient capitals of Kyot and Nara, which contain over 1,000 historical temples and shrines.

Tourist Information

Feel Kobe -Official Kobe Tourism Site

Japan Guide

Japan National Tourist Organization

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