Team Leader

Tomoya S. Kitajima

Leap before you look!!

Research Scientist

Aurelien Courtois

Seeing without predisposition, thinking without limitation

Technical Staff

Kaori Hamada

I love the outdoors!

Special Postdoctoral Researcher

Hirohisa Kyogoku

Become a researcher who loves muscle and oocytes

Research Scientist

Masashi Mori

Trick or treat!

Student Trainee

Sui Nishiyama

Nothing is impossible. The word itself says "I’m possible".

Junior Research Associate

Namine Tabata

The sky is the limit!!

Research Associate

Ding Yi

Grasp today, Looking into the future!!

Research Scientist

Shuhei Yoshida

Live imaging tell us so many things. So, I want to see fantastic mechanisms of meiotic chromosome segregation in this lab!!


Takeshi Asakawa
Masako Kaido
Yogo Sakakibara