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Jeremy P. Brockes  
Jeremy P. Brockes is Medical Research Council Research Professor in the Department of Biochemistry at University College London. He received his BA degree in biochemistry from Cambridge University, and a PhD in molecular biology from Edinburgh University. After postdoctoral periods in the Department of Neurobiology at Harvard Medical School (with Zach Hall), and the Department of Zoology at University College (with Martin Raff), he joined the Division of Biology at Caltech. He returned to England to Kings College London, then the Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research, and then his present location. His early interests were in cellular interactions in the nervous system, particularly involving Schwann cell, nerve and muscle. This led him to study the nerve dependence of amphibian limb regeneration in salamanders and newts. This in turn led to work on the mechanism of positional identity in urodele regeneration, and the basis for the plasticity of differentiated cells during regeneration. He has also worked during the last five years on the cell biology of scrapie infection in cell culture. He is a member of the European Molecular Biology Organisation, the Academia Europaea, and a Fellow of the Royal Society. Jeremy P. Brockes