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Category Seminar
Date and Time 2006-09-19 13:30 - 14:30
Venue Auditorium C1F
Speaker Herbert Steinbeisser
Affiliation Institute of Human Genetics, University of Heidelberg, Germany
Title How to get in shape: regulation of morphogenesis in the early Xenopus embryo
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Host Yoshiki Sasai
Summary During gastrulation the Xenopus embryo has to develop two important morphogenetic cell behaviours. Cells of the mesoderm have to perform convergent-extension (CE) movements, which result in the establishment of the anterior-posterior (AP) body axis. Involuting mes-endoderm and ectoderm have to develop tissue separation (TS) behaviour in order to prevent mixing of the germ layers. Recent experiments suggest that non-canonical Wnt-signalling pathways are involved in the regulation of CE and TS. We have identified the receptor Frizzled 7 (Xfz7) and the Paraxial Protocadherin (PAPC) as components of the gastrula morphogenesis machinery. In the context of CE and TS the C-terminus of PAPC has signalling functions which modulates non canonical Wnt-signalling pathways. In a yeast two hybrid screen we have identified proteins which functionally connect PAPC and the Wnt pathways.