• Cell Asymmetry

    Fumio Matsuzaki
    Our group explores the mechanisms underlying the organizati…

  • Cell Adhesion and Tissue Patterning

    Masatoshi Takeichi
    Animal cells organize into tissues with complex architectur…

  • Morphogenetic Signaling

    Shigeo Hayashi
    Our research aim is to understand fundamental mechanisms of…

  • Organ Regeneration

    Takashi Tsuji
    Organogenesis begins with the formation of patterned develo…

  • Early Embryogenesis

    Guojun Sheng
    The lab studies how mesoderm cells form and differentiate d…

  • Chromosome Segregation

    Tomoya Kitajima
    In order to maintain genetic information across generations…

  • Neocortical Development

    Carina Hanashima
    The neocortex, by far the most complex structure of all ver…

  • Sensory Circuit Formation

    Takeshi Imai
    The mammalian central nervous system is composed of enormou…

  • Histogenetic Dynamics

    Erina Kuranaga
    The development of multicellular organisms involves the col…

  • Growth Control Signaling

    Takashi Nishimura
    The processes of animal development, including organ size a…

  • Lung Development

    Mitsuru Morimoto
    The organs of the body all play critical functional roles, …

  • Tissue Microenvironment

    Hironobu Fujiwara
    In our bodies, we have millions of different environments …

  • Epithelial Morphogenesis

    Yu-Chiun Wang
    The central question in developmental biology is how cells…

  • Developmental Epigenetics

    Ichiro Hiratani
    We wish to clarify the molecular mechanisms underlying glo…

  • Axial Pattern Dynamics

    Hidehiko Inomata
    Developmental processes take place through the exchange of…

  • Retinal Regeneration

    Masayo Takahashi
    The retina has been called the “approachable part of the b…

  • Pluripotent Stem Cell Studies

    Hitoshi Niwa
    Pluripotency is a term used to describe the ability of cer…

  • In Vitro Histogenesis

    Mototsugu Eiraku
    Recent advances in stem cell technology have enabled the g…



The 26th CDB Meeting

Tentative registration schedule:
Monday, June 1 – Friday, July 17, 2015
We ask for advance registration from all attendees. We encourage submission of poster abstracts, in which a small number will be selected by the organizing committee for oral presentations.


Information on iPSC pilot study

Follow the link for information on the pilot safety study of an iPSC-based intervention for wet-type AMD.