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The RIKEN CDB has created a number of documents, games, designs and multimedia presentations to highlight the beauty and wonder of developmental phenomena.

CDB Kamon

CDB Kamon(2012)

A series of ten designs based on Japanese family crest (kamon) motifs and images from developmental biology.

Evolution of the turtle carapace

Evolution of The Turtle Carapace(2011)

A computer animation illustrating the evolutionary processes leading to the emergence of the turtle carapace.

CDB Calendar

CDB Calendar(2011)

A computer desktop calendar featuring cellular and developmental themes. (Background images can be downloaded separately from the calendar.)

Development and Regeneration From a Cellular Perspective

A Japanese-language booklet introducing concepts and principles from developmental biology and stem cell research, including in-depth discussion between four leading scientists.

CDB Postcards

CDB Postcards(2010)

A set of postcards combing motifs from traditional Japanese artwork and the beauty of animal forms used in developmental biology research.

CDB Lab Panic

CDB Lab Panic(2007)

A collection of 8 adventures set in laboratory environments challenging the user to master pipetting, spot fly mutants and other developmentally-themed mini-games.

Stem Cells: Building and Maintaining the Body

Stem Cells: Building and Maintaining The Body(2006)

An animated introduction to the properties and behaviors of pluripotent and somatic stem cells.

Development and Regeneration From a Cellular Perspective(2006)

An extensive introduction to development, regeneration and regenerative medicine accompanies by many illustrations and research images.

Cadherins: Structure and Function

Cadherins: Structure and Function(2005)

A 3D depiction of the structural and functional features of cadherin cell adhesion molecules.

RIKEN CDB Game Cards

RIKEN CDB Game Cards(2005)

A series of trading cards showing cells, developmental stages, Drosophila mutants, and other elements of CDB research. Simple game rules game included.

CDB Lab Tour (2004)

CDB Lab Tour(2004)

A virtual tour of the first generation of CDB laboratories and model animals, with simulations of lab experiments and animated introductions to basic principles of development.

Panel of Explanation


A collection of posters created for various CDB public events. Free for educational use.