Animal Facilities

The mouse provides a valuable platform for investigations into many of the fundamental processes and mechanisms of mammalian physiology and metabolism, and is widely used as a model organism in developmental biology research. With the sequencing of the mouse genome, mice can now be modified for use in research into the developmental consequences of genetic alterations, and as models of human disease.

The animal facility jointly operated by the RIKEN CDB and Center for Life Science Technologies (CLST) provides the technology, equipment and staff to enable the humane, hygienic, efficient and economical handling of large numbers of experimental mice. This 24,000 cage SPF facility has the capacity to handle and care for up to 100,000 mice. Cutting edge technology, such as semi-automated cage cleaning, makes it possible to maintain high standards of hygiene and sterility, minimizing the risk of outbreaks of contagion among the mouse populations. The facility also provides services for the production of transgenic and knockout mice to specifications and on demand (click here for more info).

The CDB and CLST also manage a facility for small non-human primates, including marmosets and Japanese macaques, used in the development of new methods in the study of pharmacodynamics and regenerative medicine.