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List CDB labs by research program

Cellular Environment and Response Research Program

This program includes labs focused on developing platforms for gaining a better understanding of fundamental control principles of animal development, aimed at learning new ways of overcoming developmental disorders.

Heart Regeneration

Wataru Kimura

Organogenesis Research Program

Labs in this program study mechanisms underlying the formation of complex model systems, in the hopes of gaining insight into the bases of the higher order structure of organs and functional development.

Cell Asymmetry

Fumio Matsuzaki
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Stem Cells and Organ Regeneration Research Program

Labs in this program work on identifying methods for controlling organ formation and regeneration through the study of stem cells and organogenesis.

Lung Development

Mitsuru Morimoto
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in vitro Histogenesis

Mototsugu Eiraku

Human Organogenesis

Minoru Takasato


Developmental Biology and Mathematical Science Program

This program aims to develop a systematic understanding of the complex cellular interactions underlying tissue morphogenesis through quantitative mathematical approaches and the development of computational models of gene expression, signal modulation, and dynamic processes.

Axial Pattern Dynamics

Hidehiko Inomata

Organismal Patterning

Hiroshi Hamada

Technical Development and Supporting Program



Research and Development Project

This program conducts research using induced pluripotent (iPS) and other types of stem cells to development approaches to the regeneration of retinal function, in active collaboration with the Kyoto University Center for Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell Research and Innovation (CiRA) and various Kobe-based research initiatives.