International Affiliates

The CDB is engaged in programs of cooperation with research organizations in other parts of Japan and around the world. This activity is based primarily on cooperation between individual researchers. To date, the CDB has concluded agreements for collaboration with the following organizations overseas:

Temasek Life Sciences Laboratory Limited
Singapore (from July 2003)

National Centre for Biological Sciences
TIFR, Bangalore, India (from March 2004)

Universitat Pompeu Fabra
Barcelona, Spain (from July 2012)

Institute for Research in Biomedicine
Barcelona, Spain (from August 2012)

Center for Genomic Regulation
Barcelona, Spain (from September 2012)

Korean Advanced Institute of Science and Technology
Daejeon, Korea (from March 2013)

Freie Universitat Berlin
Berlin, Germany (from September 2015)

VU University Amsterdam
Amsterdam, Netherlands (from September 2015)

Scientists interested in pursuing collaborative research with a CDB lab or initiating a research affiliation should directly contact the head of the CDB laboratory with which they wish to pursue a collaboration.
Collaborating Organizations Overseas” – RIKEN is engaged in an active program of cooperation with organizations around the world.