Kobe University Graduate School of Science

List of CDB scientists (Kobe University Graduate School of Science)

Application and Selection

Applications are accepted year-round.
Enrollment date will be decided after application is received.

Successful applicants will be selected based on the following three processes:

1. Consultation for application with the CDB scientist, who is a visiting faculty member of Kobe University, before applying to the program (generally 1-2 months ahead of the deadline)
When you contact one of the scientists, please provide a brief statement of your research interests.
2. Application screening by the review-committee organized by CDB Kobe University visiting faculty
3. Entrance examination conducted by Graduate School of Science, Kobe University
  Graduate School of Science, Kobe University
 For Admission Guide, a complete information about IPA application and Kobe University Graduate School admission, please contact RIKEN CDB IPA Desk.
Required documents for application screening
 1. Research proposal for IPA wordicon (use designated form)
 2. Curriculum vitae with photo
 3. Degree certificate or evidence of expected degree to be awarded
 4. Official academic transcripts (both graduate and undergraduate)
 5. Summary of your master’s thesis or your master’s course research
 6. Letters of recommendation from two people who can verify the potential of the applicant


RIKEN CDB IPA Desk ( Kobe University Science PhD Program )