Joint Graduate School Program

RIKEN is now inviting non-Japanese doctoral candidates attending a Japanese or overseas graduate school that is participating in RIKEN’s joint graduate school program to conduct research at RIKEN under the supervision of RIKEN scientists as part of their work toward obtaining a PhD. Candidates accepted into the program will be designated as International Program Associates (IPAs).

For more information about IPA, please see below.
RIKEN Joint Graduate School Program & “International Program Associate (IPA)


RIKEN CDB has now established agreements for joint graduate school program with Kobe University and Kyoto University. The objective of the program is to find and foster the development of young scientists who will in the future contribute to the advancement of science and technology by forming an international network of excellent research. Under the terms of the joint graduate school program, RIKEN may provide the IPA with a daily living allowance and cover the IPA’s housing costs for up to a maximum of three years.

RIKEN CDB scientists with concurrent positions as visiting faculty at their collaborating university graduate schools will supervise and instruct the IPA. IPAs that complete this International Graduate School Program will be awarded a doctoral degree after approval of his/her thesis


Applicants must satisfy all of the conditions below:
1) In principle, applicants must be a foreign national under the age of 35.
2) Applicants must have a master’s degree and a school education of a minimum of 16 years, or hold an academic qualification equivalent to a master’s degree awarded outside Japan, when they enroll to the graduate school.

Openings for IPAs at CDB

The graduate schools that have already signed an agreement with RIKEN CDB are listed below.
Please visit the link for the graduate school of interest for more information and apply to become an IPA.