Research Scientist/Postdoc, Technical Staff

Lab Staff
Technical Staff
Cellular Environment and Response Research Program
Morphogenetic Signaling (Shigeo Hayashi)  Position Available  
Growth Control Signaling (Takashi Nishimura)    
Chromosome Segregation (Tomoya Kitajima)    
Developmental Epigenetics (Ichiro Hiratani)    
Vascular Morphogenesis (Li-Kun Phng)    
Heart Regeneration (Wataru Kimura)    
Organogenesis Research Program
Cell Adhesion and Tissue Patterning (Masatoshi Takeichi)    
Cell Asymmetry (Fumio Matsuzaki)    
Neocortical Development (Carina Hanashima)    
Sensory Circuit Formation (Takeshi Imai)    
Epithelial Morphogenesis (Yu-Chiun Wang) Position Available  
Comparative Connectomics (Kazunari Miyamichi)    
Stem Cells and Organ Regeneration Research Program
Organ Regeneration (Takashi Tsuji)    
Lung Development (Mitsuru Morimoto)    
Tissue Microenvironment (Hironobu Fujiwara)  Position Available  
in vitro Histogenesis (Mototsugu Eiraku)    
Human Organogenesis (Minoru Takasato)
Developmental Biology and Mathematical Science Program
Axial Pattern Dynamics (Hidehiko Inomata)    
Organismal Patterning (Hiroshi Hamada)    
Research and Development Project
Retinal Regeneration (Masayo Takahashi)    

Special Fellowships for Foreign Researchers

The RIKEN CDB welcomes applications for RIKEN Special Postdoctoral Researcher and JSPS Postdoctoral Fellowship for Foreign Researchers. Applications must be made after contacting the head of the laboratory you are interested in joining, and can be made regardless of whether that lab currently has positions available. Contact information for all CDB laboratory heads is available from the Research Summary pages for each lab on the CDB website. Please refer to the following links for detailed information, such as application requirements and deadlines, on these externally funded fellowships.

Researcher Link
RIKEN Special Postdoctoral Researcher Details
JSPS Postdoctoral Fellowship for Foreign Researchers Details

Part-time Worker

No positions available now.

Regarding the handling of personal information

The documents you submit will be handled with the utmost care in accordance with RIKEN’s rules for the protection of personal data and will be used only for employment screening purposes.
This information will never be divulged, assigned, or loaned to a third party without legitimate reason.