in vitro Histogenesis

Team Leader
Mototsugu Eiraku (Ph.D.)

In vitro generation of a functional organ with complex structures is one major goal for the field of developmental and cell biology. To achieve this goal, it is a reasonable strategy to recapitulate the ontogeny, which is the most efficient and robust process for organogenesis that has been acquired through evolution, in an in vitro system. Our laboratory aims to clarify the molecular and cellular dynamics underlying organogenesis, and to develop new technologies for in vitro recapitulation, that is, three-dimensional functional organ formation from stem cells. These researches aim to make important contributions to the field of developmental biology, stem cell biology, and regenerative medicine.



Self-organized optic cup formation from ES cells
ES cell-derived neuroepithelium (lifeact-GFP)
Photoreceptor cell (red) and bipolar cells (green) in ES cell-derived neural retina