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Category Seminar
Date and Time 2009-04-16 16:00 - 17:00
Venue Auditorium C1F
Speaker Yoichi Taya
Affiliation Cancer Science Institute of Singapore, National University of Singapore
Title Novel Functions of Tumor Suppressor RB Protein and p53 in Nucleus and Near Plasma Membrane
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Host Toru Kondo
Summary Both p53 and RB protein contain about 13 in vivo phosphorylation sites. We have generated almost all antibodies to distinguish each phosphorylation site of both proteins and applied them to elucidate the functions of those sites (1-5).
We have recently found that clathrin heavy chain, which plays an important role in endocytosis, is also located in nucleus and directly binds to p53. This binding was necessary for p53-dependent transcription (6).
On the contrary, we found that p53 is located near plasma membrane and regulates cell motility by controlling actin polymerization.
We also showed that PHLDA3, which is a small protein containing only PH domain, is induced by p53 and stimulates apoptosis by inhibiting AKT (7).

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