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CDB Symposium 2014–Regeneration of Organs: Programming and Self-organization

Jun 06, 2014
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The RIKEN CDB hosted its twelfth annual symposium on March 10 to 12 in the CDB auditorium. This year’s symposium was themed, “Regeneration of Organs: Programming and Self-organization,” and drew an audience of 180 scientists and students from 15 different countries to take part in a program of talks and discussions exploring inroads into our understanding of the phenomena of regeneration and organogenetic processes.

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The three-day program featured 31 invited and selected talks and over 60 poster presentations that covered a range of topics related to regeneration including molecular mechanisms underlying regeneration, self-organization in regeneration, self-organization from a mathematical perspective, and mechanisms determining shape and size of organs and organisms. The co-organizers this year were Yoshihiro Morishita and Hitoshi Niwa from the CDB, Kiyokazu Agata of Kyoto University (Japan), and Elly Tanaka of Center for Regenerative Therapies Dresden (Germany).
The CDB symposium series was launched in 2003 as a forum to encourage the timely exchange and discussion of recent findings, progress and trends in developmental biology, regeneration and other related fields.
The CDB Symposium for 2015 will be held March 23 to 25, and is entitled, “Time in Development.”

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