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CDB scientist receives MEXT Prize

Apr 20, 2016
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CDB Team Leader Tomoya Kitajima of the Laboratory for Chromosome Segregation was honored with a commendation for Science and Technology from the Minister of MEXT (the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology) at a ceremony held in Tokyo on April 20. This prize is announced annually, recognizing individuals who have made significant achievements in science and technology in areas of research and public outreach.

Kitajima received the Young Scientist’s Prize, awarded specifically to young scientists in recognition of groundbreaking and creative scientific research and achievements, for his study of the mechanisms of chromosome segregation in mammalian oocytes. He has been working to elucidate the molecular mechanisms involved in the segregation of chromosomes in mouse oocytes using high-resolution live imaging technology in combination with micromanipulation and genetic engineering techniques.

  1. Team Leader Tomoya Kitajima



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