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RIKEN CDB and Otsuka Pharmaceutical launch new collaborative research center

Sep 01, 2016
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The RIKEN Center for Developmental Biology (CDB) and Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd (Otsuka) have signed an agreement to establish the RIKEN CDB–Otsuka Pharmaceutical Collaborative Center (COCC) starting September 1. This new collaborative research center will be housed within the CDB, and will be headed by Hiroshi Hamada, who also serves as director of the RIKEN CDB.

The COCC was launched under one of several programs implemented by RIKEN to promote collaboration with industry with the aim to facilitate the transfer of its scientific achievements into commercial applications or products. Through the integration of CDB’s strength in elucidating mechanisms involved in development and regeneration and Otsuka’s forte in developing medicines and health-related products, the COCC aims develop seeds of innovation that can be translated into practical applications, such as treatments for various diseases. Specifically, they will focus on areas related to neurodegenerative and kidney diseases.

Under the current agreement, the collaboration is scheduled to take place over a period of five years.


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